Chemistry Group Meeting Schedule Spring 2017

person Breyfolder_openGroup Meetingaccess_time August 31, 2015

Spring 2017 Monday 3:00pm Schedule

1/30: Juliet Zhu: What can TES observations tell us about PAN in free troposphere? 

2/6: Wenxiu Sun: The impact of local meteorology and large scale dynamics on surface ozone in the U.S.

2/13: Derek Weber: VOC concentrations and the Impacts of Future Oil and Natural Gas Operations in the Front Range 

2/20: Yixing Shao: Mobile Measurements of Ammonia in the Front Range

2/27: (Main campus: Room 374 LSC) Shantanu Jathar:  Investigating Diesel Engines as an Atmospheric Source of Isocyanic Acid in Urban Areas

3/6: cancelled due to faculty interviews 

3/13: Spring Break!! 

3/20: Arsineh Hecobian: Emission rates of methane and VOCs from oil and natural gas activities in Colorado 

3/27: (Main campus: Room 374 LSC) Andrew Abeleira: Investigating ozone and ozone precursors in the Front Range of Colorado

4/3: Jakob Lindaas 

4/10: Jack Kodros: 4 Million people died from exposure to cookstove smoke this year. Or maybe it was 2 million. I can’t be sure.

4/17: William Lassman 

4/24: (Main campus: Room 312 LCS) Ryan Gan: An Introduction to Epidemiology for Atmospheric Scientists 

5/1: Tom Hill 

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