Fischer Group Coding Schedule

Each week (or every so often) Fischer Group members get together to review someone’s code. This gives people a chance to ask for help/advise/totallyWickedProTips and the sanity of normally non-existant code peer review.

Outside people looking to join, please do! Feel free to sign up for open weeks (listed below) by email sjbrey (at) These meetings will typically occur in ATS 209 at 11am.


4.28.2016: Ilana Pollack. Double checking NOx instrument calibration methods.

5.4.2016: Steven Brey. Double checking my logic in assigning pairs for satellite fire detections. Also, does this HYSPLIT ensemble look sensible?

5.12.2016: Jared Brewer. Hey guys does this MORRIS METHOD code look right?



6.2.2016: Zitely. Lets improve some IDL code! Shout out to people who write IDL code, please come to this meeting.

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