Chemistry Group Meeting Schedule Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Thursday 3:30 PM Schedule 08.25.2016: 09.01.2016: 09.08.2016: 09.15.2016: 09.22.2016: Jack Kodros, presenting “What I wish I could tell Hillary Clinton: Estimating the aerosol indirect effect with and without prognostic aerosol microphysics, A cost/benefit analysis of regional cookstove improvement scenarios, and Forecasting summer PM2.5 in the Western United States” 09.29.2016: Week of IGAC Conference […]

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How to review a paper

The following is a selection of wisdom imparted from Emily to a rookie reviewer. When reviewing a paper keep the following in mind: Make sure to give a summary paragraph for the editor. This should include an overview of what the paper does and what you learned. It should also include a recommendation e.g. publish after […]

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Fischer Group Coding Schedule

Each week (or every so often) Fischer Group members get together to review someone’s code. This gives people a chance to ask for help/advise/totallyWickedProTips and the sanity of normally non-existant code peer review. Outside people looking to join, please do! Feel free to sign up for open weeks (listed below) by email sjbrey (at) These […]

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Using betting to assess publication reproducibility

fivethirtyeight article about the reproducibility of published results Main points: Having scientists bet of whether they think a study is reproducible has shown success at finding which studies have results that are less likely to be reproduced “If you believe the result will be replicated, you buy the contract, which increases the price. If you […]

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Chemistry Group Meeting Schedule Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Monday 3:00pm Schedule 1/30: Juliet Zhu: What can TES observations tell us about PAN in free troposphere?  2/6: Wenxiu Sun: The impact of local meteorology and large scale dynamics on surface ozone in the U.S. 2/13: Derek Weber: VOC concentrations and the Impacts of Future Oil and Natural Gas Operations in the Front Range  2/20: Yixing Shao: Mobile Measurements […]

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Learning statistics with R

There is no better resource for getting started. Learning Statistics with R By Dan Navarro Part 1: Background Chapter 1: Why do we learn statistics? Psychology and statistics. Statistics in everyday life. Some examples where intuition is misleading, and statistics is critical. Chapter 2: A brief introduction to research design Basics of psychological measurement. […]

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Registration instructions for Fischer group students

The CSU graduate school considers students to be full time when they are registered for 9 or more credits. The department of Atmospheric Science however, requires that you register for 15 credits Fall and Spring semesters. In a students final semester at CSU it may be preferable for a student and their advisor to petition […]

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