Fall 2017 Monday 4:00 pm Schedule

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Fall 2017 Monday 4:00 pm Schedule

09.11.2017: Anna Hodshire: “Nucleation and growth under high OH conditions: Using an oxidation flow reactor and the TOMAS box model to learn about new particle formation”

09.18.2017: Rui Zhang: “Source Regions Contributing to Excess Reactive Nitrogen Deposition in the Greater Yellowstone Area”

09.25.2017: (on main campus, LSC room 276-78) Dom Spracklen: “Natural aerosol, air quality and climate”

10.02.2017:  Jack Kodros: “Aerosols in the Arctic, particulate matter in your lungs”

10.09.2017: cancelled 

10.16:2017:  AAAR meeting (no group meeting this week)

10.23.2017:  Derek Weber (at 2 pm): “Volatile Organic Compound Concentrations and the Impacts of Future Oil and Natural Gas Development in the Colorado Northern Front Range” 

10.30.2017: cancelled 

11.06.2017: cancelled 

11.13.2017:  Tom Moore: “Applying Regulatory Emissions Inventories for Air Quality Planning”

11.20.2017:  Thanksgiving break (no group meeting)

11.27.2017:  cancelled

12.04.2017: Kate Smits: “Understanding Natural Gas Methane Leakage from Buried Pipelines

as Affected by Soil and Atmospheric Conditions”

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