Chemistry Group Meeting Schedule Spring 2018

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Spring 2018 Thursday 4:00 pm Schedule

01.18.2018: Kira Shonkwiler: “Micrometeorological studies of a beef feedlot and dairy: Measurements of ammonia and methane”

01.25.2018: open

02.01.2018: Rachel Hoesly: “The Community Emissions Data System (CEDS): data, emissions, and uncertainty estimates”

02.08.2018: no meeting this week 

02.15.2018: (on main campus, LSC 378) Will Lassman: ” Investigating the feasibility of a novel approach to constraining ammonia deposition downwind of a CAFO”

02.22.2018: Bonne Ford: “Preliminary Results from the Citizen-Enabled Aerosol Measurements for Satellites (CEAMS) Pilot Campaign in northern Colorado”

03.01.2018: Emily Ramnarine: “Effects of Near-Source Coagulation of Biomass Burning Aerosols on Global Predictions of Aerosol Size Distributions and Implications for Aerosol Radiative Effects”

03.08.2018: Kate O’Dell: “Wildfire smoke impacts on U.S. PM2.5 trends”

03.15.2018: cancelled for spring  break 

03.22.2018: (on main campus, LSC 308) Kelsey Bilsback: “Cookstove Emissions: Observations from the Lab and Field”

03.29.2018:  cancelled for CSUnite event 

04.05.2018: Postdoc/Research scientist/Professor Jamboree!

04.12.2018: Michael Link: “Gas phase oxidation of monoterpenes: combining laboratory and ambient observations”

04.19.2018: Tom Hill, “Oceans: sinks and sources of ice nucleating particle” and Arsineh Hecobian, “A first look at the VOC trends and comparison in four Southwestern National Parks in U.S.”

04.26.2018: (on main campus, LSC 308) Naman Sharma: “Atmospheric and health properties of diesel exhaust particles: Role of fuel, engine load and emissions control”

05.03.2018: Steve Brey: “Environmental conditions, not the type of ignition, control the interannual variability of wildfire burned area in the west and southeast US”

05.10.2018: Ali Akherati: “Simulating secondary organic aerosol in a regional air quality using the statistical oxidation model.”

05.17.2018: Jared Brewer

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