Chemistry Group Meeting Schedule Fall 2016

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Fall 2016 Thursday 3:30 PM Schedule





09.22.2016: Jack Kodros, presenting “What I wish I could tell Hillary Clinton: Estimating the aerosol indirect effect with and without prognostic aerosol microphysics, A cost/benefit analysis of regional cookstove improvement scenarios, and Forecasting summer PM2.5 in the Western United States”

09.29.2016: Week of IGAC Conference in Breckenridge.

10.06.2016: Ruhi Humphries,  Aerosols in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic sea ice region 

10.13.2016: Sailaja Eluri, presenting “Modeling and constraining the production and composition of secondary organic aerosol from a diesel engine using parameterized and semi-explicit chemistry and thermodynamic models”;   Ali Akherati, presenting “Simulating the Combined Effect of Volatility, Multigenerational Chemistry, Unspeciated Precursors and Vapor Wall-Losses on Ambient Organic Aerosol in 3-D Air Quality Model” 

10.20:2016:  AAAR meeting (NO group meeting this week)

10.27.2016:  Emily Bian, presenting “Secondary organic aerosol formation in biomass-burning plumes: Theoretical analysis of lab studies and ambient plumes” (practice for smoke symposium)

11.03.2016: Anna Hodshire,  presenting “The role of MSA in particle growth and the aerosol direct  and indirect effects” and “Using an oxidation flow reactor and the TOMAS box model to constrain the volatility distribution of ambient pine forest air ”

11.10.2016: Bonne Ford, presenting “How future fire activity will affect mid-century air quality over United States” (presenting for Maria Val Martin) and “Who, what, when, where? Determining the health implications of wildfire smoke exposure”; Steve Brey, presenting “There’s the smoke, where’s the fire? A regional analysis of smoke transport pathways based on 8 years of HMS smoke and fire location data” (all talks are practice talks for the smoke symposium)

11.17.2016:  NO group meeting

11.24.2016:  Thanksgiving!!

12.01.2016:  Derek Weber and Jakob Lindaas, titles TBA (practice talks)



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